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So, you spend a year or two getting to know someone only to realize, after a year or two, you don't actually like who they are. Did I change? Did you change? Did I love who you were before, but not who you are now? Did we both stay the same, but we became more honest? Did I just get to know you better? How come something we thought would last forever can end only after a year or two?

Get it gurl!

Cadillac Records was, for the most part, disappointing. When I saw the trailer, I doubted that Beyonce should even be playing Etta James, thinking that Jennifer Hudson would of been a better fit. But Beyonce's performance and the tension between her and Adrien Brody in the following scenes (in their tears and glances alone) is almost enough to redeem the entire movie. I can watch these clips repeatedly. I only wish that the movie would have focused just on the relationship between Etta James and Leonard Chess (although it's completely fabricated). But, the history of Chess Records and its artists is amazing and I hope that someone else in the future can do a better job of showcasing it.

And shoot... I definitely have a better idea of what "my type" is now. Tall, dark hair, awkward, unconventionally handsome...

for everything else, there's Mastercard

I have been trying to get my finances in order; trying to figure out why I have managed to spend all the money I have earned this summer with practically no effort at all. My anxiety over my spending has taken the best of me the past month, has made me angry and worried and overwhelmed.

So I printed out the account history of my checking account and went through every single one of the transactions made during the past three months, figuring out which things were necessary (food, ferry fares, etc.) and which things weren't (books, books, books). In the end, I was relieved and satisfied. Every single dollar was accounted for (more or less); most expenses classified as necessities, and the things that weren't necessarily necessary (those books, books, books) were worth the money anyways. When a good amount of your money is spent on things you can categorize under "family" (paying for dinner occasionally, giving "just because I love you' kind of gifts to my brothers, sister, and mom, helping with unexpected emergencies, redecorating Maria's apartment, etc. -- expenses you can never regret because just being able to help your family is incredibly gratifying), the fact that you are tired and broke doesn't really matter anymore.

Another rewarding part about going through my account history was being able to look back on everything that's happened this summer, starting from yesterday and going back to when I got my first summer paycheck in June. Yes, its a little materialistic and very capitalistic, and although not everything I did this summer cost money and money can't buy me love or friendship, important dates certainly revolved around me spending money, whether it was for dinner or lunch or a new dress.

Before going to Nathan's epic football game against number one ranked Punahou at Qwest field, my family and I went to Uwajimaya for lunch. This was the first complete family outing since my dad returned from being MIA for two years. Even Jan came from Ellensburg. I bought some Pho, even though I just had some at Chung's the day before. Sometimes, I get these wild cravings for Pho but having to pay more than $7 for it here in Silverdale is ridiculous. BUT OH OH OH! THERE IS GOING TO BE A BEARD PAPA'S AT UWAJIMAYA -- HOME TO THE BEST CREAM PUFFS EVAR. JUST IN TIME FOR THE HOLIDAYS WHICH MEANS PUMPKIN SPICE FLAVORED CREAM PUFFS. YUM. Anyways, we were with the Robles family, who we have become really close to these past two summers. They're like family now, and I like that. As expected, CK lost their game 42 to 19, but it was enjoyable anyways. There was a fight on the 1250 ferry, between a grown man and his daughter's boyfriend, which ended up with their entire family shouting at each other. Exciting! We were dangerously close to it and it lasted for a good fifteen minutes, and although we knew we should move out of their way, nobody could stop looking. No enforcement came anyways.

BUMBERSHOOT. Neko Case was mesmerizing and mystical. Thao Nguyen with the Get Down Stay Down was great. PWRFL POWER was cute. Mono in VCF was dreamlike. Band of Horses didn't fail to meet my expectations. But FLATSTOCK was the best part of the day. I was disappointed that we were in a rush to see Mono in VCF and I didn't get to have a second look around at all the posters. Having seen a lot of the prints on FFFFound and I was amazed to see them irl. I bought two small prints of The Kooks and Kate Nash. They were misprints, so they only cost $5 each. What a deal! Lorraine bought sweet shirts for herself and Jack (We spoil our brothers!). There was a set of posters for The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly that would have been the perfect Christmas present for Jan, but it was sold out! What else did I buy that day? Starbucks to keep warm at night and the worst vegetarian burrito ever. The last band we saw was !!! and Lorraine and I tried reliving our experience seeing Chromeo at the Capitol Hill Block Party and tried to dance our hearts out, but we failed. It just wasn't the same. Probably because Ryan and Arabella weren't there. :(

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Okay, that was ridiculously long. I dwindled in the end though, not only because I can recall very little about the first couple weeks of summer, but because its now past 3am and its been 3 days since I started this post. I've got other things to say and more numbers to crunch, but I will save that for another post, another day.
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a list

Things to do domani
  • go to work 8am-5pm
  • call the moore, inquire about fleet foxes tickets
  • go through old new york times papers at work
  • buy record frame at urban outfitters
  • go to bulldog newsstand on the ave or barnes and noble downtown and buy any publication that features michael phelps/beijing olympics
  • buy fleet foxes tickets
  • visit arabella?
  • go to the bank
  • go back to northgate and buy those shoes?

  • I believe the list above is actually from two and a half weeks ago. I'm at work now and its the first time I have attempted to post a livejournal entry at the office since then. So, livejournal restored this draft.

    How many of those things did I actually accomplish? 8/9. Pretty good. Except, I went to GameStop at Westlake, but did not find Arabella there that day. But, I did try. And also, I went back to Northgate mall, but did not buy those shoes. Bought a comforter set instead. And really, I did all those things in a span of a week and a half, not a day.

    Things to do oggi
  • work until 5pm
  • find something to eat for lunch and dinner
  • start and finish post about the summer
  • work on blog
  • reply to all those damn facebook posts i've been putting off, especially to Beth
  • lohse

    shoot. dang.

    A journal entry about the summer is long overdue, but unfortunately this is not it. The month of July was supposed to be summarized in the entry before this, the one of the Block Party photo, but Arabella discovered it before I even got to add text, and half a month later, I have yet to write anything to go with that photo!

    Anyways, just writing to say that I bought too many books last week. This is really just for my own personal reference, so don't mind it.

    • The Stranger by Albert Camus (from Jan)
    • The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay by Michael Chabon
    • The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky
    • The Tao of Pooh by Benjamin Hoff (from Mom)
    • Franny and Zooey by J.D. Salinger
    • The Jungle by Upton Sinclair (for Nathan)
    • Revolutionary Road by Richard Yates

    Also, something near disastrous happened (again) yesterday. But there will be no more crying. After five years of ups and downs, I'm learning to keep my head up. I'm resigned to the fact that these kinds of incidences (near fatal/emotionally draining/hope shattering kind) will always happen to my family. It's our life. We can't seem to shake it (bad luck? God's wrath?). But, dear friends, please don't ask me about this in person. I'm not sure I could bare it.

    I went over capacity on registration changes, trying to find another class for Autumn quarter.

    In less than five hours, I have to be awake, ready to leave for Seattle to start my week's worth of work. So, goodnight. I'll return in September, probably, with that summer post.

    Download Cao Fang's "In Summer", its beautiful. I wish it was longer. Thank you GE!

    I miss Michael Phelps.
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    peace beneath the city: sp20

    Photo by Brian Tamborello

    Out of the three acts I was most looking forward to at SP20 (Fleet Foxes, Iron and Wine, and Flight of the Conchords), I was least excited for Iron and Wine, but in the end, Sam Beam's performance was the most memorable. I forgot how much in love I was with "The Trapeze Swinger" and was elated when he played the first few chords of the song on his guitar and then slowly and soothingly began to sing "please, remember me..." I think heather b. of Three Imaginary Girls says it best when she says that his songs "make you have memories of stuff that didn't happen to you". Well, okay, she doesn't put it in the most profound of words, but I'm definitely familiar with her sentiment. Sam Beam's lyrics definitely have a way of making me reminisce of forgotten loves and a Southern childhood I never had. To finally see him live, completely alone on the stage, with no band, just him and his guitar, was heartbreakingly beautiful, and had he played "Passing Afternoon" I would of started to cry, only imagining to be the woman in the song, pretending to be happy, disappointed but reconciled with the way life turned out to be, desperately missing a man I once loved.

    Anyways, some links to help me remember and relive yesterday: SP20 Flickr Photstream, J. Tillman's drum off, The Vaselines's performance of "You Think You're A Man", "Such Great Heights" Sing-a-long, and Bret McKenzie as a choir of women. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY SUBPOP!

    things i like right now

    Richard Paul Lohse Ffffound his painting 1949/1956 a week ago and I can't get enough. I'm not sure why his paintings of lines and blocks of solid colors excite me so much. I could look at them for hours.

    New York Magazine's Fashion Blog The Cut This is by far the best collection of blog-esque fashion articles I have ever come across. I spent all of yesterday night reading almost every article from the past month. Its oh so witty and informative and I love love love that the focus of the site is on designers, models, artists and their work and not on celebrities and their misfortunes. And, I wish that I was a New Yorker and could take advantage of all the sales the site promotes daily. Articles from the past month you really shouldn't miss: Adorable Old Men Walk in Yohji Yamamoto’s Show, Video: Jack Huston in Spring 2009 Yves Saint Laurent, When British Ladies Go to the Races, It's Their Hats That Are Competing, Marc’s New Ads: Dude Looks Like a Lady!, Fashion Likes to Do Drawings, Racy ‘Summer Camp’ Spread With Kate, Daria, and Lara in ‘W’, Video: Charlie Rose Really Wants Marc Jacobs to Talk About Himself, Galliano, Lagerfeld, Westwood, and More in U.K. ‘Esquire’, Yves Saint Laurent's Greatest Moments, Fashion Remembers Yves Saint Laurent (Updated).

    Chuck Anderson I have seriously been looking for this artist's website for the past three years. He and Mike Perry were my favorite graphic artists when I was in junior high, and somewhere between reformatting and switching computers I had lost Anderson's website URL. But I refound his website just yesterday, then today, Tony shows me Anderson's Godlike piece that is for sale at Urban Outfitters for $60. Those rainbow streaks of light are unforgettable. I am seriously considering buying one of his cheaper works for the apartment next year, or just printing a small copy of one.

    Barack Obama '08 Logo Not quite a big fan of him yet, but I really like his logo, especially this rainbow version for Pride. Its simple, versatile, recognizable, and refreshing. If we decided presidential races based on aesthetics of campaign promotional material, hands down, Barack Obama would win.

    Peroni Nastro Azzurro ad campaign, an homage to Federica Fellini's La Dolce Vita. Marcello! Marcello! Oh man! Talk about an advertising campaign that works! If anything, the beauty and elegance of this commercial will make me start drinking alcohol -- just Peronis of course and some Coppola wines, because I do have class after all. HA. Anyways, Jan showed this to me a couple weeks ago, though I think it might be a couple years old. I have yet to see La Dolce Vita, but I hear it's beautiful, both from my brother and my Italian 103 professor, and only wish that I could fully appreciate the advertisement with its references and imitations. Its just another movie to add to my long list of movies to watch before I die. AND AND AND, the commercial is nothing without the song. The Sapphires cover The Shirelles' "Baby It's You"

    The Curious Case of Benjamin Button I can't remember the last time I was so excited for a movie! You must watch the trailer and if you have 15-20 minutes, read the short story by F. Scott Fitzgerald the movie was based on, here. The movie, from what I've seen on the trailer, doesn't really seem to follow the Fitzgerald's story, but its definitely worth the read.

    Architecture for Humanity Watched an inspiring and encouraging special on Architecture for Humanity on Frontline/World with my father. You can watch it online here. This special and that last lecture in ARCH 251 about Le Corbusier, makes me still want to be an architect and be involved with this organization. DESIGN LIKE YOU GIVE A DAMN.

    Macbook Air Commercial Remixed Confession: I'm not the biggest fan of remixes or mash ups and really, very rarely like covers, unless they're tributes or for soundtracks and/or commercials. So naturally, I am not a huge fan of Girl Talk. BUT this video along with this remix is brilliant and although this remix of Yael Naim's "New Soul" is a very small part of Girl Talk's "No Pause", it definitely makes me want to give Girl Talk a second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth ... chance.

    By the way dear readers, I got into the design program. Goodbye for now.

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